Fine by Paula Mendoza

More than 2 years ago Paula Mendoza and el dorado edit undertook a trip to the territory of Muzo, located in the southwest of Boyacá, in the center of Colombia. With the help of cultural leaders, the local communities and allies of the TRAPICHE project, we managed to get to know in depth the process of extracting the emerald stone in the area and the conditions of its mining exploitation. Being very surprised by the organization and commitment of the women to keep the legacy and heritage alive through education, despite the difficulties that they and their children must face.
Thanks to the women leaders of this territory, we built a sustainable social project hand by hand with the community, promoting design as a tool for social transformation.


In the last 5 years, El DORADO has worked hand in hand with artisan, indigenous and designer communities from around the world, with the intention of bringing these universes together. Today, they join forces with PAULA MENDOZA on a journey to the center of the earth in Muzo, Colombia to the worlds capital of emeralds, in order to understand how to possitively impact the territory and its artisan communities.